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Reactions from the Chalmers SysBio GEM (Wang et al., 2021)


chalmers_gem_reactions(organism = "Human")



Character or integer: an organism (taxon) identifier. Supported taxons are 9606 (Homo sapiens), 10090 (Mus musculus), 10116 (Rattus norvegicu), 7955 (Danio rerio), 7227 (Drosophila melanogaster) and 6239 (Caenorhabditis elegans).


Data frame of reaction identifiers.


Wang H, Robinson JL, Kocabas P, Gustafsson J, Anton M, Cholley PE, Huang S, Gobom J, Svensson T, Uhlen M, Zetterberg H, Nielsen J. Genome-scale metabolic network reconstruction of model animals as a platform for translational research. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2021 Jul 27;118(30):e2102344118. doi: doi:10.1073/pnas.2102344118 .


#> # A tibble: 12,995 × 15
#>    rxns     rxnKEGGID rxnBiGGID rxnEHMNID rxnHepatoNET1ID rxnREACTOMEID
#>    <chr>    <chr>     <chr>     <chr>     <chr>           <chr>        
#>  1 MAR03905 R00754    ALCD2x    R00754C   r0187           NA           
#>  2 MAR03907 R00746    ALCD2y    NA        NA              NA           
#>  3 MAR04097 R00235    ACS       R00235C   r0066           NA           
#>  4 MAR04099 R00235    ACSm      R00235C   r0067           NA           
#>  5 MAR04108 R00236    NA        R00236C   r0068           NA           
#>  6 MAR04133 R00316    NA        R00316C   r0097           NA           
#>  7 MAR04281 R00703    NA        R00703C   r0173           NA           
#>  8 MAR04388 R00703    LDH_L     R00703C   r0171           NA           
#>  9 MAR04283 R00711    NA        R00711C   r0177           NA           
#> 10 MAR08357 R00710    ALDD2xm   NA        NA              NA           
#> # ℹ 12,985 more rows
#> # ℹ 9 more variables: rxnRecon3DID <chr>, rxnMetaNetXID <chr>, rxnHMR2ID <chr>,
#> #   rxnRatconID <chr>, rxnTCDBID <chr>, spontaneous <dbl>, rxnRheaID <chr>,
#> #   rxnRheaMasterID <chr>, rxnRetired <chr>