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These options describe the default settings for OmnipathR so you do not need to pass these parameters at each function call. Currently the only option useful for the public web service at is ``omnipath.license``. If you are a for-profit user set it to ``'commercial'`` to make sure all the data you download from OmniPath is legally allowed for commercial use. Otherwise just leave it as it is: ``'academic'``. If you don't use but within your organization you deployed your own pypath server and want to share data whith a limited availability to outside users, you may want to use a password. For this you can use the ``omnipath.password`` option. Also if you want the R package to work from another pypath server instead of, you can change the option ``omnipath.url``.




An object of class list of length 21.


Nothing, this is not a function but a list.