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Imports the dataset from:, which contains ligand-receptor interactions without literature reference. The ligand-receptor interactions supported by literature references are part of the `omnipath` dataset.


  resources = NULL,
  organism = 9606,
  fields = NULL,
  default_fields = TRUE,
  references_by_resource = TRUE,
  exclude = NULL,
  strict_evidences = FALSE,
  genesymbol_resource = NULL,



interactions not reported in these databases are removed. See get_interaction_resources for more information.


Character or integer: Name or NCBI Taxonomy ID of one or organisms. The web service currently provides interactions for human, mouse and rat. For other organisms, the data will be translated by orthologous gene pairs from human. In this case, only one organism can be provided.


The user can define here the fields to be added. If used, set the next argument, `default_fields`, to FALSE.


whether to include the default fields (columns) for the query type. If FALSE, only the fields defined by the user in the `fields` argument will be added.


if FALSE, removes the resource name prefixes from the references (PubMed IDs); this way the information which reference comes from which resource will be lost and the PubMed IDs will be unique.


Character: datasets or resources to exclude.


Logical: restrict the evidences to the queried datasets and resources. If set to FALSE, the directions and effect signs and references might be based on other datasets and resources.


Character: either "uniprot" or "ensembl". The former leaves intact the gene symbols returned by the web service, originally set from UniProt. The latter updates the gene symbols from Ensembl, which uses a slightly different gene symbol standard. In this case a few records will be duplicated, where Ensembl provides ambiguous translation.


optional additional arguments


A dataframe containing ligand-receptor interactions including the ones without literature references


interactions <- import_ligrecextra_interactions(
    resources = c('HPRD', 'Guide2Pharma'),
    organism = 9606