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Retrieves an identifier translation table from the UniProt ID Mapping service (


uniprot_id_mapping_table(identifiers, from, to, chunk_size = NULL)



Character vector of identifiers


Character or symbol: type of the identifiers provided. See Details for possible values.


Character or symbol: identifier type to be retrieved from UniProt. See Details for possible values.


Integer: query the identifiers in chunks of this size. If you are experiencing download failures, try lower values.


A data frame (tibble) with columns `From` and `To`, the identifiers provided and the corresponding target IDs, respectively.


This function uses the uploadlists service of UniProt to obtain identifier translation tables. The possible values for `from` and `to` are the identifier type abbreviations used in the UniProt API, please refer to the table here: uniprot_idmapping_id_types or the table of synonyms supported by the current package: translate_ids. Note: if the number of identifiers is larger than the chunk size the log message about the cache origin is not guaranteed to be correct (most of the times it is still correct).

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uniprot_genesymbol <- uniprot_id_mapping_table(
    c('P00533', 'P23771'), uniprot, genesymbol
#> # A tibble: 2 × 2
#>   From   To   
#>   <chr>  <chr>
#> 1 P00533 EGFR 
#> 2 P23771 GATA3
# # A tibble: 2 x 2
#   From   To
#   <chr>  <chr>
# 1 P00533 EGFR
# 2 P23771 GATA3